The Great Water Odyssey

The Great Water Odyssey was a series of CD-ROM’S distributed to 3rd thru 5th grade classrooms in Central Florida in the mid-2000’s. The core curriculum was developed by the St. Johns River Water Management District incorporating STEM learning to subjects of water conservation, local ecology and xeriscape landscape initiatives.

Scripts were provided by the client. As the Digital Artist on project, I was tasked with developing and designing all characters, backgrounds, game and exploration screen assets.

Currently, SJRWMD has updated the Great Water Odyssey providing a limited online selection from the original program. A few original animation and core artwork assets can be viewed on the SJRWMD website.

Top, left photos ©Palatka News

Game Play

A sample of games and activities presented as a review for each learning module. Flash.


A sample of screen shots from various learning modules. Including scenes from animations and layout of exploration screens. Flash.